When you look at someone who is smiling from their soul, you can see a light that’s shining out of them that just isn’t there when they’re not. It stops you cold and warms your heart.

Happy people are more likely to be kind. They’re the ones who perform random acts of kindness for complete strangers.

They have so much love in their heart because they’ve found a way to fill their own cup, to make themselves happy. This makes them willing and able to spread happiness as far as they can.

Stesha’s Studio is all about making people happy, give a feeling of connection, love, community and kindness.


Absolutely Love her! I’ve tried many eyelash stylists in town and Stesha’s Studio is the best of the best! She does amazing eyelash extensions! They look very nice and are very comfortable and very low maintenance!

She is very professional and pleasant person to be around.

Tamara P.

I’ve been doing my lashes with Stesha for almost a year now & I absolutely love my lash extensions & they last quite long time. Sometimes I don’t even feel them at all. Stesha is awesome! Most of all I love her soft & gentle energy and relaxing head massage she does at the end, it’s the best!

Jelena G.